South Wales BSMA / Abergavenny AMCA Motorcross

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South Wales BSMA / Abergavenny AMCA Motorcross

The picture below (click to enlarge) was a group photo my dad took at our home track The Onen in Abergavenny (Abergavenny AMCA). In the background you can see Cwmbran Shopping; my dad arranged some sponsorship for the club from them. Left to right is Tony Peel KX250, me Chris CR125, Glynn Morton CR125, David O'Neil RM125 and Royston Jones YZ125.


Some nostalgic schoolboy motorcross from 1989. I started out in the schoolboy clubs namely Corsham, Seven Valley SchoolBoys Scramble Club and a few others when I can remember them! After the schoolboys I joined Abergavenny AMCA and stayed in that club till I finished racing in late 1994.
Here's a home video (2 parts) my dad (bless his cotton socks) took on May 14th 1989 at Holme Lacy with the Seven Valley SchoolBoys Club. I have another video of racing at Maisemore 28th May 1989 and Hawkesbury-Upton 29th May 1989 which I'll add to this page a bit later on.The video is a little shakey in places and I was going to edit out any rough bits but I thought no, I'll leave it in it's unedited form, so please bear with it and enjoy a trip down memory lane.
I'm No 43 and a couple of others I remember are 55 Jason Lewis (The first bike I started racing on was his old 1985 RM125 my dad bought off his dad; me and Jason were in Junior school together), 95 Shaun Hunter, I recognise other riders from their bikes but can't put names to them at the moment, sorry guys!


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